Rehad Desai

Rehad Desai is a Producer/Director, and CEO of Uhuru Productions.

Following his return from exile in the UK, Rehad worked as a trade union organiser, a health and safety/media officer for a chemical workers union and a Director of a HIV prevention NGO. In 1997 he completed his Masters Degree in Social History at the University of the Witwatersrand. Rehad entered the TV and film industry as a current affairs journalist, and soon after moved on to focus much of his energy on historical and socio-political documentary film.

In 2000 he completed a post-graduate degree in TV and film producing through AVEA. In 2009 he completed a post-graduate diploma in documentary through Eurodoc. He has produced over 20 documentaries, many directed by himself that have been broadcast internationally, accepted into numerous festivals and been received with critical acclaim. His highly acclaimed film Miners Shot Down (2014) is the winner of over 25 international awards including the International EMMY for documentary (2015).


Now the ANC is shot down

Sunday 30 October 2016